Genealogy Research Report

A typical research project includes planning, the research itself and a genealogy research report.

Research Plan

A genealogy plan outlines the best methods to use and sources to examine during research. The ultimate purpose of the plan is to develop a strategy to best answer your research questions.

Genealogy Research

Research plans consist of a brief analysis of the documentation provided by you, along with an explanation of the research strategy and a list of record collections to research.

If you like doing your own family history research, and just need a little assistance getting organized, Holly can assist you with developing a genealogy research plan. This can be accomplished through a genealogy consultation.

  • Research strategies can involve
    • Utilizing sources that have not been searched
    • Revisiting previously used sources in cases when information may have been misinterpreted or important clues may have been overlooked
    • Expanding the research to include extended family members, whose records may provide answers to your research question

Research Report

If you decide to have Holly do the research for you, the end result is a genealogy research report. The report is an account of the research conducted, written for the purpose of determining facts and developing research conclusions.

Depending on the project, Holly can produce reports that provide either summarized or detailed research results.

Genealogy Research
  • A summary report includes
    • The research objective/goal
    • A description of the documentation you provided about your ancestor(s)
    • An explanation of the research strategy
    • A concise narrative of the sources consulted and the research results
    • If applicable, additional research recommendations

The detailed report includes all of the above, plus a comprehensive analysis of the sources consulted and an extensive rationale for research results.

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If you want to see an example of Holly’s genealogy research reports, samples of redacted reports are available upon request.

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