Ohio Genealogy

Ohio genealogy

Starting out as a part of the Northwest Territory, Ohio was initially explored by the French in the 1700’s. American settlement of the region began after the Revolutionary War. Some valuable genealogical records created around this time, such as marriage, court, land and probate records are available for research.

As a genealogist, Holly MacCammon can assist you in finding available records pertinent to your Ohio ancestors. Holly conducts consultations and traditional research projects. Whether you have hit a “brick wall” in your research, you need some assistance in focusing your goals, or you have research that requires a little more time or know-how, the research services she provides can help you discover more about your family history.

Ohio marriage records genealogy

Holly can perform online genealogy research for your Ohio ancestors.  Her research strategy makes use of databases, digital publications, and professional networks to get the most out of the information that is available.

Through her subscription services, she can search a multitude of collections that may not be available for general public access.

If an original record exists, but is not available in digital form, she can provide information and assistance on how to obtain a copy. If she is unable to find an existing record to a specific inquiry, she can provide suggestions on record substitutes that may provide the answers you need to make new family history discoveries or perhaps open up new avenues of research.

Ohio Research Projects

Holly’s research of Ohio genealogy collections includes tracing early pioneers migrating from Vermont, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. She has also investigated service records of Ohio Civil War soldiers.

  • In her research, Holly has utilized
    • Published regional and county histories
    • Marriage records
    • Probate collections
    • Newspaper collections
    • Pre-1850 census and tax lists
    • Military service and pension records

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