Holly’s Genealogy Research Packages Include

Online and/or Library Research

She’ll leverage online resources and record collections to perform on-line research, and if necessary, conduct on-site research at libraries and archives.

A Comprehensive Report

You’ll receive a detailed report described her research findings with recommendations for further exploration, should you wish to continue your family history adventure.

Digital Documentation

All documentation and records discovered during the research will be provided as separate documents in digital format.

Pricing for Genealogy Research Packages

4-hour Project$300Ideal for a focused search or to confirm existing information.
6-hour Project$475Suitable for exploring a specific branch of your family tree or a particular time period.
8-hour Project$625Perfect for more in-depth research on a family line or uncovering new ancestors.
10-hour Project$775Designed for comprehensive research on a specific family line or addressing complex research challenges.
12-hour Project$925Ideal for extensive research projects encompassing multiple family lines or historical periods.

Custom Quotes

Holly can also provide individualized pricing based on the scope of your project. Don’t hesitate to contact her to discuss your specific requirements.

Ready to Begin Your Family History Journey?

Contact Holly to inquire about research packages or to discuss your unique genealogy needs. Let her expertise guide you towards a deeper understanding of your family’s story!