Research Specializations

Holly’s research specializations include both online and on-site research, with a focus on eighteenth-, nineteenth- and early twentieth-century  United States genealogy collections.

Online Research

Her online strategy makes use of record databases, digital publications, and group networks to get the most out of the documentation and information that is available for every state in the country. Through her memberships in various genealogy organizations, and through subscription services, she can search a multitude of collections that may not be available for general public access.

Repository Research

Through various New York State repositories in her area, Holly can research records on the town, county and state level, which are not available online. As an archivist and a genealogist, she has extensive familiarity researching in libraries, archives and courthouses.

Project Activities

  • Holly’s projects have included activities such as
    • Developing research plans
    • Researching, analyzing and evaluating genealogy records
    • Fulfilling document lookup requests
    • Heir searches
    • Assisting in the development of heritage travel itineraries

Types of Records

  • Records she has utilized have covered a wide range of research collections:
    • Vital records (birth, marriage & death)
    • Census records
    • Church records
    • Newspaper collections
    • Immigration and naturalization records
    • Military records
    • Land records
    • Published county histories and family genealogies

Regions of the United States

Holly has experience searching for New England, Mid-Atlantic, Mid-Western and Western United States genealogy records. Past projects have concentrated on:

ColoradoMichigan New York
Connecticut Montana Ohio
Iowa New Hampshire Pennsylvania
Massachusetts New Jersey Vermont
United States Genealogy Research

U.S. Research Network

To broaden her reach of U.S. genealogy collections outside of New York State which you cannot find online, Holly is developing her own database of repositories and continues to expand her network of genealogists, librarians and archivists throughout the country.

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