Navigating the Maze of Online Genealogy Research

The internet offers a treasure trove of information for building your family tree, but sifting through it all can be overwhelming. From digitized records to transcribed archives, the sheer volume and variety of sources can be daunting.

Online Genealogy Research

Here’s How Holly Can Help

A Refined Approach

Through extensive online research experience, Holly has mastered the art of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting diverse genealogical records. This allows her to draw insightful conclusions that advance your research journey.

Expert Analysis

Online research can lead to unexpected discoveries, but it requires knowing how to evaluate websites and pinpoint relevant records. Holly possesses the skills to interpret and assess online resources, uncovering the most reliable and accurate information for your family history.

Finding Original Records

While digital copies of original records are ideal, when researching online, you’ll often encounter derivative sources like indexes and compilations. Holly’s expertise lies in using derivative sources to identify the original documents and their locations.

Ready to Unlock Your Family’s Story?

Feeling lost in the online genealogy world? Contact Holly to uncover the hidden potential of your online research!