Online Genealogy Research

When it comes to online genealogy research, the internet contains a vast amount of information about researching your family tree.

Documentation found on websites can vary a great deal. Online you can find:

Marriage Record
  • Digitized versions of original records
  • Indexes of record collections
  • Transcribed compilations of genealogical material
  • Published genealogies
  • And so much more!

It takes a bit of knowledge and skill to evaluate the various kinds of material out there. The main goal in any genealogical research is to find an original record that provides pertinent information about your ancestor.

Genealogy Research

In some fortunate cases, a digital version of the original record can be found online. However, a lot of the time, you will find a record that has been transcribed or indexed from the original, which is known as a derivative record. The key is to use this type of record to find out if the original still exists and where it might be located.

Conducting online genealogy research can lead to unexpected discoveries. However, using the internet to conduct genealogical research can sometimes be a daunting task. It’s important to be able to recognize the value and quality of website content and how to best retrieve the most relevant genealogical records.

Genealogy Research

Holly’s online strategy involves making use of databases, digital publications, and group networks to get the most out of the documentation and information that is available on the internet.

She has the ability to interpret and assess documentation to find the most reliable and accurate genealogical evidence. She can help you to demystify the family history resources on the internet.

Years of online research experience has led Holly to an understanding of the types of records that are out there. She has developed skills and techniques which allow her to gather, analyze and interpret documents. From this process she can draw reasoned conclusions to help advance your research goals.

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