Genealogy Research Plan

Why Create A Plan?

A genealogy research plan is advantageous when you want to tackle a particular question about your family history, or if you have a specific research goal. Having a written plan is the best way to:

  • Organize any research you have already conducted
  • Evaluate what that research tells you about your ancestor(s)
  • Select the best, most relevant collections to search next

DIY Research Plan

If you like doing your own family history research, and just need a little assistance getting organized, Holly can assist you with developing your own research plan through a genealogy coaching session.

Let Holly Write Up a Plan For You

Genealogy Research Plan

If you want to let Holly take the lead, she can write up a research plan for you. Activities associated with a plan created by Holly include:

  • An assessment of the records and documentation you have
  • A summary of what is known about your ancestor(s)
  • A description of the best research methodology/approach to use
  • A list of the most pertinent sources to research in an attempt to find the answers you need

From Planning to Implementation

Once you’ve got a research plan in place, if you would still like Holly’s assistance, she can

  • Continue providing guidance and advice through genealogy coaching sessions
  • Carry out any part of the research you would like, through online research or visits to libraries and archives in her area

If you want to learn more about genealogy research plans, or if you have any questions about your family history research, send Holly an email inquiry.