Research Packages and Pricing

Genealogy Coaching Sessions

You can make an appointment for a single session or sign up for multiple sessions over a set period of time that you choose.

Session TypeLengthRate
Single Session30 Minutes$50.00
Single Session1-Hour$75.00
Multiple Sessions2-Hours$140.00
Multiple Sessions3-Hours$200.00
Multiple Sessions4-Hours$250.00

Online and/or Library Research

  • In-depth research
  • Report summarizing research results/findings
  • Recommendations for further research, if applicable
  • Digital copies of all documentation found
Research Packages Rate
4-hour project$300.00
6-hour project$475.00
8-hour project$625.00
10-hour project$775.00
12-hour project$925.00

Research Plan – Flat Rate of $240.00

A research plan is a good option if would like to conduct the research yourself, but just need a little extra help getting started.

  • Activities associated with compiling a research plan include:
    • Helping you set research goals
    • Evaluating the research you have already completed
    • Compiling a list of sources for you to examine
    • Outlining the next research steps for you to take

Additional Pricing Options

Price quotes for additional levels of research can be provided upon request.

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