The Genealogy Research Process: Step by Step

The genealogy research process begins with your initial e-mail inquiry.

Your E-mail Inquiry

  • You will be asked to provide your
    • Name
    • E-mail address
    • Phone number (optional)
    • Your contact preference
  • In addition, you will be asked to
    • Let Holly know how you got to her site (i.e. through a Google search or another website)
    • Indicate what your family history question is
    • Provide any additional information about your ancestor(s) that you feel might be relevant

Holly’s Response

  • In order to determine the best approach to take, Holly’s response may include
    • Any general questions she might have about your inquiry
    • Whether you are considering a genealogy consultation or traditional genealogy research
    • A request to view any documents that you have
    • Where you have already searched or other assistance you have received

Genealogy Consultation

A consultation gives you the opportunity to discuss what you have already discovered about your family history. You can also talk about what you would like to learn. Holly will give you some basic advice on the research steps you can take.

Research Plan

Expanding beyond the advice provided in a consultation, Holly can assist in developing a research plan for you. This is a good option if would like to conduct the actual research work yourself, but just need a little extra help getting started.

Activities associated with compiling a research plan include an assessment of the documentation you have, assembling a list of sources for you to examine, and outlining the next research steps to take. If you would still like Holly’s assistance, she can carry out a traditional research project for you.

Traditional Research Projects

If you would like Holly to conduct your family history research, she will work with you to structure a project scope, budget and schedule you are comfortable with. Keeping your project parameters in mind, she will utilize available online and/or repository resources. Any records she finds, which are relevant to your research question, will be analyzed and compared to the documentation you have provided.


Genealogy Research

After Holly has concluded research, she will provide you with a report that descirbes the resources utilized along with the research results. In addition, digital copies of any records found will be sent to you.

Learn More

To discover more about the types of records and collections Holly has researched, visit her Research Specializations page.

Click on the button below to send an inquiry to Holly with any questions you may have. She will be happy to assist you with your research project.